Mobility & Mobile Device Management (MDM)
The mobile revolution is changing the way we do business, the way we work and it basically impacts every aspect of our daily life. It's also nurturing a new type of companies with a clear focus on mobile IT. These are considered experts in this domain and have clients in all segments of the market - up to large multi-national organizations. Our mission is to bring these Experts and market leading companies together.

MDM simplifies the process of managing mobile devices and the data they can access by providing centralized controls. MDM technologies allow organizations to alleviate the management and security concerns surrounding BYOD and mobile device usage at the workplace.

Management & Accounting Solutions
BridgeWise International has specialized in defining, planning and implementing different calculation and reporting systems. Examples of these systems are budgeting, pricing, product costing, activity based costing, and profitability calculation systems.

Usually the numeric information of a company is not situated in one place. The strengths of BridgeWise International- through FOCUS software applications, are realized especially in these situations where it is necessary to combine data from different sources and process the information further for meaningful reporting.

BridgeWise International owns best expertise in providing consultancy services to commercial banks, financial institutions, and internationally financed projects in the fields of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) financing and business development, in establishing financial institution set-ups, and in designing various financial products like guarantee funds, credit lines, and other.

Socio-economic Development
BridgeWise Consuling experts possess long and deep experience in all types of local and regional community development programmes especially those financed by international donors like the World Bank, the EU, the Arab Fund, UNDP, and other.

IT & Communication
BridgeWise Consuling also provides IT and Communication services in designing, programming and implementing management related applications.

Whatever your information need, contact us and we can design a suitable solution together

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